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Ultrashield Truck Cover
5 Layer Waterproof Fabric with Fleece
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Ultrashield Cover

Our Ultrashield car cover is specifically designed for the auto enthusiast. Our 5-layer fabric is fleece lined to protect your 's fine automotive finishes. Snow, rain, dew, industrial pollutants, tree sap and bird droppings are kept away from your 's finish. Patented UV Stabilizer "Remafim" is used to ensure a long life. Tie down strap and buckle attached with strap pocket built into cover for easy storage.
  • 5-layer fabric is fleece lining offers extreme softness to protect fine automotive finishes
  • Waterproof, yet breathable to naturally resist rot and mildew
  • Ultrasonic welding seals seams tight
  • Patented UV Stabilizer "Remafin" is used to ensure a long life
  • Tie down strap and buckle attached, with strap pocket built into cover for easy storage
  • Patented fiber encapsulation process prevents dust from filtering through fabric
  • Protects finish and interior from fading & cracking
  • Ultrasonic welding seals seams and keeps water out
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Comes in pouch for compact storage
  • Color: Light Gray

The front of the cover has been marked with the word "front" to help in positioning the cover on the vehicle. If your custom-patterned cover has mirror pockets, it is very important that the mirror pockets be placed over the side mirrors before the ends of the cover are stretched over the front and rear bumpers. Some vehicles have very sharp bumpers, hood ornaments, moldings, etc. We recommend that you reinforce the inside of the cover at areas exposed to severe abrasion using cloth-reinforced duct tape or Mystic brand tape which may be purchased at hardware, plumbing or automotive stores. This will help extend the use of your cover.

If your vehicle has an outside radio antenna which will not retract flush with the vehicle body, you will have to provide an opening in the cover:

1. The most accurate way to make an antenna opening is to remove the antenna and install the cover on the vehicle, making sure it is properly aligned and positioned. Using a sharp pencil, punch a hole through the fabric at the antenna location. Be careful to avoid hitting the vehicle finish with the pencil. If the antenna is not easily removed, see procedure #2.

2. Place the cover on the vehicle except for the fender or body panel where the antenna is located.(Do not attempt to place the cover over the top of the antenna) Center the cover,align both seams with the roof edges and be sure the cover is pulled down evenly over the front and rear bumpers. Carefully unfold the portion of the cover that is next to the antenna and position it next to the base of the antenna. Recheck the overall positioning of the cover to make sure it has not moved on the vehicle. Make sure the cover lies flat over the hood and roof areas of the vehicle. Mark the cover with the location of the antenna base and make a hole with a sharp pencil.

Any cover will slowly collect dust on its underside, picked up from contact with the surface of the vehicle. Do not use machines with agitators - this can damage the cover and actually cause rips or tears. Do not wash in hot water! DO NOT put the cover in an automatic dryer (the fabric can melt). DO NOT dry clean. Another way to clean the dust from either the inside or outside of the cover is to put it on the vehicle and hose it off. To clean the inside, put the cover on the vehicle inside out(this can only be done if you do not have an external antenna). After rinsing off the cover,leave it on the vehicle to dry. Then fold it and return it to the trunk or usual storage place.

Our goal is simply to offer the consumer a great product with great value and you will capture the loyalty of those we serve. is dedicated to the automotive enthusiast, with direct access to the largest selection of in-stock covers for most cars, trucks, Jeeps and SUVs. We are happy to welcome you as one of our customer. We will provide you the best innovative, quality products and professional services with competitive pricing. We hope that you will enjoy a pleasant shopping experience on all of our websites.

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