Spacer Mesh Custom Seat Covers

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Fabric type: Mesh
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Spacer Mesh Custom Seat Covers


Coverking's Spacer Mesh material is a great choice when you need comfort and breathability. Spacer Mesh is a unique fabric with a large number of closely-spaced holes knit into the weave. The characteristically porous nature of this material makes it breath more than most materials. A great choice if you want a cool, dry and comfortable fabric on .

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Coverking Custom Fit Seat Covers are designed to fit nearly as good as original upholstery. Coverking develops it's patterns using advanced CAD (computer aided design) systems. Coverking pioneered the use of CAD equipment in the custom auto accessory field 20 years ago. Today Coverking Custom Seat Covers are made using automation systems which integrate the CAD designs with computer aided manufacturing equipment - this allows every pattern to be customized for the materials used in each pattern, and assures a perfect fit across all material lines.

In addition to it's pattern design, Coverking is also unique in it's insistence to create the best car Seat Covers by including all headrests, armrests, console covers for split benches, map pockets, seat adjustment cutouts and airbag cutouts. Patterns are designed to allow the original functionality of the seat. For many vehicles, Coverking Custom Seat Covers are available for the middle and rear seats as well. All Custom Seat Cover design, production, and material selection is done in accordance within the guidelines of strict quality systems.

The process of designing a Custom Seat Cover pattern can take more than 2 weeks, but results in a near replica of the original seat upholstery. In some ways, the Pattern Design of Custom Seat Covers is an art - conflicting qualities of ease of installation vs. fit have to be balanced to produce a product which fits very well but can also be installed and removed by a layman. Very complex patterns are also time consuming to sew, resulting in added product cost. Coverking has addressed these issues throughout it's 20 year history and lives up to our product description - A fit many people will initially mistake for original upholstery, with installation of 30 minutes or less.

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