for Thoroughbred Motorsports Stallion

  1. Ultrashield Trike Cover

    5 Layer Waterproof with Fleece Line
    Thoroughbred Motorsports Stallion Trike Cover - Our Ultrashield Trike cover is specifically designed for the auto enthusiast. Our 5-layer fabric is fleece lined to protect your Thoroughbred Motorsports Stallion's fine automotive finishes. Snow, rain, dew, industrial pollutants, tree sap and bird droppings are kept away from your Thoroughbred Motorsports Stallion's finish. Patented UV Stabilizer "Remafim" is used to ensure a long life. Tie down strap and buckle attached with strap pocket built into cover for easy storage.

    Retail Price: $209.98

    Special Price $119.95

    You Save : $90.03
  2. Premiumshield Trike Cover

    Good Value for Quality & Protection
    Thoroughbred Motorsports Stallion Trike Covers - Our most economical trike cover for basic vehicle protection and moderate conditions. Premiumshield trike cover is fully breathable that allows heat and moisture to escape and naturally resists rot and mildew. It is lightweight for easy to handle and install with elastic front and rear hem. Ideal for your Thoroughbred Motorsports Stallion's dust cover.

    Retail Price: $99.98

    Special Price $49.95

    You Save : $50.03